Our multidisciplinary team

Our team of practitioners cumulate a broad expertise with over 25 years of experience within different fields of the Agri-Food industry. Our goal is to share our precious knowledge and experience with the key players; at all levels in your business.

Our professional background and numerous work experiences equip us to fulfill the majority of your needs in key areas of action such as R&D, engineering, biochemistry, operational efficiency, capital management and financing, and marketing.

Agri-food experts to serve you!


Operational Efficiency

Richard Séguin

Richard Séguin

Bachelor in Science, Bachelor in Management, Bachelor in Anthropology, Green Belt

Tel.: 450-714-1456
Mob. 514-222-2068

Process Evaluation & Improvement

Conversion of Strategic & Business Plans to Operations / Technology Transfers / Mentorship of Senior and Intermediate Executives

Throughout my professional career in the Food industry, I got to notice how applying knowledge through processes, procedures and methods furthers foundational knowledge, which in turn directly impacts efficiency of execution [of what]. The key to success lies firstly in understanding the functioning of such industry, but also and most importantly in pragmatically applying evaluated options; as such, a “grounded” application is primordial for the probative results it produces.


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Innovation – open innovation

Product development / R&D Audit and Diagnostic / Technical problem solving

R&D Project Management

Process optimization / Problem solving / Interim / Coaching & Formation

Helene Thiboutot

Bachelor in Microbiology,  Master in Food Science and Technology, Degree in Management

Tel.: 450-372-0613
Mob.: 450-260-5171

Raynald Nolin

Bachelor in Food Science and Technology            

Tel.: 450-482-3581

Over 20 years

Throughout my career, I developed many products and R&D processes for big and small businesses. Due to my creativity and my vanguard attitude, I bring more than innovation to my customers; I participate actively to every project and encourage employees to fully realize their potential, whether individually or collectively. I bring solutions to complex situations and help you get the right means and financing to achieve your projects and launch your new products. 

Over 27 years

Strong of many years of experience in R&D, process optimization and in technical team leadership within many areas of the food industry (with over 20 years in confectionery), I have built strong professional relationships with key manufacturers and customers of the Agri-Food industry, in both North America and Europe. I have acquired knowledge and experience needed to actively fulfill the ambition of my customers and contribute to their success.

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Sylvain Dionne

Sylvain Dionne

Engineer, Master in business, Certificate in Quality

Tel.: 514-895-7758

Process Improvement & Correction

Project Management / Production supply chain start-up

Over 30 years

My wide experience within the manufacturing business stemming from the various projects that I have steered convinced me that the key to improvement and long term viability lies in a centered production and maintenance service, functioning on reliable equipment, procedures and processes.


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Quality Assurance

Simon Véronneau

Simon Véronneau

Bachelor in Food Science and Technology

Tel.: 450-656-2877

Certifications GFSI – HACCP

Gluten Free – Organic / Auditing Programs / Supplier Management / Continuous Improvement

 « I am convinced that operational excellence should apply to all sectors of a company. When it is time to implement new quality systems, I realized that my 360° vision not only helped me develop the right systems, but also ensure their sustainability throughout the years. It is crucial to consider all employees and to get them involved building a strong quality culture.  Let’s make room for the new generation of quality managers!   »


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Andree Brasseur

Andree Brasseur

Bachelor in business, Marketing et Master in Science, Marketing

Mob. 514-791-6792

Marketing Strategies & Planning

Commercialization / Branding / New Product Launches / Marketing Research / Communication Programmes

Over 20 years

In a competitive environment where innovation is key, it becomes evident to me that it is increasingly essential for Marketing, R&D and Operation to work hand in hand in developing and optimizing high yield products that will best respond to the needs of ever more knowledgeable and demanding customers. My marketing experiences combined with my knowledge of the Food industry and of the retail market constitute an important potential asset for the success of your company. An innovative and coherent marketing mix is a pledge for success.


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Technical Support /Application/Ingredients

Jean Rivard

Jean Rivard

Bachelor in Food Science and Technology, Major in Biochemistry

Mob. 514-715-9269


Ingredients Sourcings and / Application Solutions / Feasibility study  / Market study / Business Plan / Trade merchandising of new ingredients and technology

Over 30 years

In the area of industrial food ingredients, my involvement in R&D applications for various sectors of the industry (ie dairy, meat, prepared meal, bakery and tinned food) allowed me to act as a technical support at the level of product development and commercialization of innovative ingredients. Throughout my career, I often witnessed companies’ failure to commercialize extraordinary products because of their unskillfulness at selling and publicizing; too many great innovations are unsuccessful because insufficient energy is invested at these crucial steps of their development.


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Hubert Carrier

Hubert Carrier

McGill I.A.S., Bachelor in Management; McGill: Executive Development and Advanced management

Mob. 514-980-6197

Venture Capital

Company Buyout / Business Plan / Merger & Acquisition

Over 30 years

My experience cumulated as a portfolio manager and company director in the realm of Agri-Food venture capital has led me to master the financial environment of food companies and to design tailor-maid business solution for them. In addition, my McGill ‘Formation de l’Institut des administrateurs de sociétés (I.A.S) skilfully complements my field experience.


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Human Resources Management / Labour relations

Daniel Langlois

Daniel Langlois

Bachelor in industrial relations

 Tel.: 819-578-1155

HR interim / Coaching

Management and collective bargainning agreements / Change management / Skills development & Knowledge transfer /Organizational diagnostic & HR strategy / Compensation / Talents acquisition.

« My professional career as HR leader with 25 of experience, allowed me to have the conviction that the actions of the HR function must be adapted to the culture and business context. Be reflection of the organization and support her in the vision.

With my pragmatism and my capacity to understand the business issues, my mission as pather, is to work with the business leaders and managers to identify the HR issues and to implement essential actions allowing the achievement of the business goals.  »

Action rule: Easy, practical, operational


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