Our Multidisciplinary Team

Our team of practitioners cumulate a broad expertise with over 25 years of experience within different fields of the Agri-Food industry. Our goal is to share our precious knowledge and experience with the key players; at all levels in your business.

Our professional background and numerous work experiences equip us to fulfill the majority of your needs in key areas of action such as R&D, engineering, biochemistry, operational efficiency, capital management and financing, and marketing.

Agri-food experts to serve you!


Operational Efficiency

Richard Seguin

Bachelor in Science, Bachelor in Management, Bachelor in Anthropology, Green Belt

Tel.: 450-714-1456
Mob. 514-222-2068

Process Evaluation & Improvement

Conversion of Strategic & Business Plans to Operations / Technology Transfers / Mentorship of Senior and Intermediate Executives

Throughout my professional career in the Food industry, I got to notice how applying knowledge through processes, procedures and methods furthers foundational knowledge, which in turn directly impacts efficiency of execution [of what]. The key to success lies firstly in understanding the functioning of such industry, but also and most importantly in pragmatically applying evaluated options; as such, a “grounded” application is primordial for the probative results it produces.

Richard Seguin

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